We are business owners and we are passionate about business. But more than that, we are passionate about helping business owners rediscover their passion for their businesses by removing the friction points that cause stress, anxiety and financial hardship. We know that owning a successful company is about more than wanting success, it’s about working SMART to create that success.

Through proven system and processes, we have helped business owners get organized, get focused and get profitable. We believe that measuring what matters in your business keeps accountability front and centre and ultimately, gets and sustains great results.

Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of any economy. Supporting their dedication, from “start up” to “grow up”, is critical to improving the economic landscape of our region. We believe in giving back the knowledge we have learned to help their dedication pay off faster and better.

We love to help. We love to coach. We love to see others grow.

That’s our Why. That’s Black Star Performance.