Become a master of your own numbers and love them!  Grow your business with deliberate and appropriate pricing strategies.  Use the secrets of increasing your cash flow to build a strong organization that will form a foundation for growth, scalability and sellability.  Increase your ability to work ON the business instead of IN it.  Learn the language behind operational finance in a safe and supportive environment.  You know the first step is to better understand your number so you can have strategic conversations with your accountant and make excellent decisions regarding pricing and profitability.  Knowing your numbers means knowing what you need to do in the business to support your lifestyle and your family goals.

At the end of this course you will…

  • Read your financial statements with confidence
  • Understand the cash flow levers in your business and when to use them
  • Be able to price your offerings with confidence, knowing that all costs are being covered
  • Increase the strategic value of your accountant conversations/meetings
  • Understand your total costing models and how they inter-relate
  • Have a forum on where you can share your wins and fears confidentially
  • Know how to properly position yourself for the next stage of growth
  • Know if you are on track for your goals at all times


Join Jumpstart and you will get…

  • 2 hours of private consulting
  • 32 hours of in-person group training
  • 8 hours of group accountability coaching
  • 3 guest presentations from industry leaders
  • Worksheets and checklists for:

HR Costing, Ratio Calculators, Customer Journey, Accountant Conversation Cheat Sheet, Pricing Calculation worksheet, Goal Mapping Worksheet, One Number For Business Tracking, Chart of Accounts Worksheet, Cash Flow Success Map, Profit Pricing Calculator, Productization Road Map

  • Customized and personalized One Number Solution for Business™
  • Overview of Government Funding Programs
  • Interactive Lender’s session on how to obtain financing
  • Private Facebook Page

Total Value         $9,350

Early Bird Special:           

  • 6 payments of $450 + tax
  • 3 payments of $850 + tax
  • 1 payments of $2475 + tax


Sign up right away!  Only a few spots available for our October start date!