The time has come.  Your residency is wrapping up and you are ready to move on to the next phase of life.   Your own practice, patients – an opportunity to make a meaningful difference each day. You are GOING PRO™.
So, what’s the plan?  Now is the time to get yourself properly set-up to minimize taxes, ensure you are properly covered and implement a strategy to begin reducing your debt while still enjoying your life.
GOING PRO™ means…
  • help clearly outlining your goals and timelines
  • your first years’ tax returns and book keeping
  • receiving a debt reduction plan that is actionable
  • cost effectively getting incorporated, name approval and all your important legal contracts
  • a helpful review of family trust and holding company options
  • peace-of-mind when tracking expenses
  • a proven system for simplifying deductible expenses
  • an investment plan rooted in your goals and vision
  • ensuring your insurance needs are met, not over-met
  • a guilt reducing cashflow situation for your personal spending

GOING PRO™ is about putting together a team that will assist you in achieving your professional goals – accountant, financial planner and lawyer.  Working with a team from the outset ensures that you maximize your time an have all the right people at the table.

The Process: three steps to GOING PRO™

Meeting one:
Review of information and goal discovery, risk tolerance, money mindset quiz and any upcoming challenges

Meeting two:
Full team meeting to review corporate structure options and how to pay yourself.  Incorporation, approve name, review and sign all documentation

Meeting three:
Financial planning, review draft cash flow, review insurance needs analysis, work on debt reduction recommendations and review investment options.

“I have so much going on it’s a whirlwind right now.  It was great to have a team that explained everything and made it super easy to start my practice.” – Dr. Paul Yaffe, General Surgeon

If you’d like more information on signing up for the GOING PRO™ program, fill out the information request form below:


Your GOING PRO™ Team:

Robert Dean, CA Partner at WBLI, wbli.ca
Corinne Boudreau, LLB/MHA Two Certainties Law, twocertaintieslaw.com
Wendy Brockhouse, MBA President, Black Star Wealth Partners, blackstarwealth.com