Designed for the busy entrepreneurial-minded person or organization with great ideas but doesn’t have the time, resources or expertise to get them to market.

Do you have a unique and profitable service that you would like to leverage and sell to others?

Do you face commoditization? Would you like to find a way to stand out in the market and get past hourly rates or price?

Do you have a great idea and need help figuring out what next?

Our team is experienced and we see opportunity where others don’t. We challenge the status quo and make money. We work fast, effectively and put together polished, effective programs/products will get you greater success, sooner.

Our 8-12 week program will help you define your product, name and price it, develop a brand, create marketing materials, identify customer acquisition strategies and distribution channels.

You bring your industry knowledge, ideas, energy and passion and we provide you with the WHAT to do and the HOW to do.

Are you ready to get started?

CATAPULT™ Deliverables:

-Review of competitive landscape

-Financial projections

-Product naming and branding

-Marketing package (logo design, marketing materials, website)

-Overview of possible funding opportunities & strategies

-Technology needs assessment

-Service standards 

-Customer acquisition strategies

-Product/service distribution strategies

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